Project Description

The Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform (H-TEP) is an ESA project that aims at providing a collaborative framework where scientific users, river basin organisations and service providers could rapidly and easily access to a large number of EO data, integrate their own data and tools (in-situ data, socioeconomic data, analysis tools…) and process their processors (service prototypes, hydrological models, meteorological models) within a user-friendly environment.

Users need new tools and services which faciliate and customise the access to EO data due to:

a) The growing diversity, volume and complexity of EO data

b) The growing diversity of both users and water applications

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Project Details

  • Team

    Besides isardSAT, there are Terradue,Deimos Engenharia,SMHI,TUD,Altamira Information and EOMAP

  • Duration

  • Tags

    • Algorithm Development
    • Hydrology
    • All satellites