Project Description

The Service for Water Indicators in Climate Change Adaptation (SWICCA) project aims at bringing together the expertise of climate and water research and operational data providers together with water users, to demonstrate the value chain from earth observations and climate models to actionable information that improves the resilience and efficiency of the water management sector, using case studies and new climate impact indicators.
The purpose of SWICCA is to design an end-to-end information system for water management and initiate a process to bridge the gap between data providers and users for climate services, In our concept this is mainly done by knowledge brokerage, in which private consultancies and/or public agencies act as facilitators or purveyors. The aim of the concept is to: (1) advance the functionality and content of a Climate Service to support practical water management; (2) provide new pan-European climate impact indicators based on most relevant variables and indices for water management across Europe; (3) initiate a European community of purveyors to integrate the process of knowledge brokerage in the design and use of C3S, to ensure user uptake of the new indicators.

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