Project Description

The main aim of this project is to investigate the relationship between the geostrophic surface currents, as calculated from the sea surface height measured by satellite altimeters, and the currents at other depth levels measured in situ along the West Spitsbergen Current (WSC) in the Arctic over 2000-2013. The relationship will be also analysed using a global high resolution ocean numerical model, in order to inform about the spatial and temporal variability of the relationship along the current pathway. This analysis will provide information about vertical structure of the WSC along its pathway (70°-80°N). Another objective of this study is to use the obtained relationship, combined with the modelled vertical structure of the WSC, to extend time series of the WSC to other seasons

Project Details

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    isardSAT Poland , Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, National Oceanography Centre, UK

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    • Algorithm Development
    • Ocean and Coast
    • Cryosat-2