CryoVal Land Ice

Studying land ice

CryoVal Land Ice

The CryoVal Land Ice project (2013-2015) main goal was addressing the CryoSat-2 and ICESat error budgets and uncertainties for land ice surfaces making use of extensive in-situ, airborne and satellite datasets acquired in multi-year land ice regions such as north of Greenland, Canada and Antarctica. Furthermore, CryoVal Land Ice project has also evaluated the performances of different retracking algorithms in terms of consistency, robustness and geophysical relevance over different ice scenarios.

The conclusions of CryoVal Land Ice project have been used to design the objectives of future land ice campaign activities and to find the optimal retracking algorithms for CryoSat-2 in the generation of L2 products.


Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), DTU, Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), isardSAT, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), TU Delft, University of Buffalo, University of Oslo, University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds




geophysical validation, snow / ice, altimetry