Operational flood forecasting and alerts in West Africa through earth observation and hydrological modelling in a cloud environment.

FANFAR seeks to realize the societal benefits of hydrological forecasts and flood risk information in order for societies to be aware of and prepared for upcoming floods.

FANFAR aims to provide reliable and timely access to flood forecasts and alerts through a range of distribution channels to ensure that the information actually reaches its target audience. The distribution channels currently include web visualisation, SMS, e-mail, and Application Programming Interfaces (API). The forecasting system is based on an open-source hydrological model employed in a cloud-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment to ensure operational robustness despite frequent cuts to electricity and internet supply in the region.

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SMHI, Agrhymet, NIHSA, Eawag, isardSAT, Terradue




hydrology, hazards, agriculture, forecast