Global Shoreline

Building a global processor for the coastline

SAR coastal processor from a Sentinel-1 image of the Arcachon Bay © Copernicus Sentinel-1 data 2023, isardSAT

‘A global shoreline capability’ is a project funded by the UK Space Agency aiming at developing a shoreline data processor that is applicable globally to improve coastal management plans worldwide, enabling nations with very limited amounts of current or historical geospatial data to generate their own coastal indicators.

Cutting-edge remote sensing techniques will be leveraged to generate a seasonal beach gradient applicable anywhere. Coupled with updated global coastal tide modelling, this project will enable an accurate shoreline to be generated anywhere around the globe.

isardSAT will provide an intertidal slope generated from SAR data as an input to the global shoreline processor.


Argans Ltd, University of Southampton, isardSAT




algorithm development, coast, sea level