Sentinel-3 L1 GPP

Participating to an operational oceanograpy mission

Sentinel-3 L1 GPP

Sentinel-3 is an Earth Observation Mission in the frame of GMES providing the following mission products and services:

  • Sea and land surface topography
  • Land and Ocean colour measurements
  • Sea and land surface temperature
  • Vegetation products

Those mission objectives will be accomplished by a series of several satellites for an operational services duration of 20 years. These satellites main payload have three instruments: a radar altimeter, an optical sensor and a radiometer.

A core team of European engineers and science experts have been awarded by ESA for Sentinel-3 B2/C/D/E1 program. The objectives of the Phase B2/C/D/E1 program encompass the design, development, production, launch, and support to LEOP and the commissioning phase of the Sentinel-3 satellite.

isardSAT is part of this core team, responsible for the design, development, validation and support of the Sentinel-3 altimeter Level 0 and Level 1B processors.


Thales Alenia Space, isardSAT



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