Altimetry Ocean and Coast


The aim of the SCOOP (SAR Altimetry Coastal & Open Ocean Performance) project is to accurately validate and characterise the expected performance of the Sentinel-3 SRAL SAR altimetry products over the open ocean and coastal zone, and then to propose and evaluate enhancements to the current baseline SRAL SAR data processing in order to reach improved performance over open ocean and coastal regions.

isardSAT is developing and implementing the Level-1 SAR processor, including further updates and enhancements, providing the Level-1B test data sets. Additionally, isardSAT will exploit its knowledge to provide support to the adaptation of the retracker model for Sentinel-3 on the Level-2 processor.

This project has been funded by ESA under the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) Programme Element to characterise the expected performance in the open ocean and coastal zone of the Sentinel-3 SAR altimeter product.


SatOC, CLS, isardSAT, NERC-NOC, Noveltis, STARLAB, University of Bonn, TU Delft, University of Porto




algorithm development, ocean, coast, altimetry, remote sensing