Validating Algorithms Levels 1A and 2 in Ebre River Area

Comparison of FF-SAR and in situ water level measurements in Yesa reservoir. © isardSAT

The VALERIA project assesses different case studies involving Sentinel-6 measurements over inland targets to demonstrate how Fully-Focussed SAR (FF-SAR) processing allows the retrieval of Water Surface Height (water level) and water extent measurements from specular water bodies. The study has been conducted over small and medium-sized reservoirs located along the ground tracks of Sentinel-6 satellite in the Iberian Peninsula (especially within Ebre river basin), and show a certain seasonal water extent variability. These reservoirs,are monitored by the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation, providing in situ data to validate the developed algorithms.

The FF-SAR algorithm significantly reduces the along track resolution, approaching the theoretical limits of around 0.5 m – far greater compared to the approximately 300 m resolution provided by operational processors based on Unfocussed SAR algorithms. The improved resolution of the FF-SAR method has provided good accuracy when measuring the water level and the spatial distribution of the selected targets.

isardSAT proposed this initiative to the Sentinel-6 Validation Team, as an activity to demonstrate Fully-Focussed SAR capabilities over inland waters.

Project presentations


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hydrology, altimetry