High Resolution Drought Monitoring

Soil moisture map over a section of Ebre river basin

The MARE project aims to improve drought monitoring capabilities in Catalonia using soil moisture products based on remote sensing at high spatial (field scale) and temporal resolution. As part of the project, soil moisture maps will be produced at 5 m spatial resolution based on data from the Menut nanosatellite, which will allow the monitoring of soil moisture heterogeneities within the field.

These products will enable the irrigation districts to monitor the soil moisture status at a field scale in order to optimize water and energy usage, and to accurately forecast crop yield.

isardSAT will develop algorithms to estimate soil moisture and drought indices at high spatial and temporal resolution.


isardSAT, Aigües Segarra-Garrigues (ASG), Consell Regulador de la Denominació d’Origen (CRDO) Terra Alta.



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