Marine Litter Signatures in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images


Sentinel-1 SAR image over the test area showing sea surface roughness. © Copernicus Sentinel Data (December 2019).

MIREIA (Marine Litter Signatures in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images) is a research project aimed at demonstrating the potential of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images for marine litter detection in combination with AI techniques. The outcome of the project showed the ability of the algorithm developed to detect the presence or absence of potential marine litter in the study areas and further tests demonstrated the capability of the model to identify the presence of potential waste patch.

isardSAT designed an overall system to identify marine debris, including the characterization and exploitation of different information gathered by radar sensors, large in-situ datasets, and pattern recognition models.

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isardSAT, Balearic Oceanographic Centre (Spanish Institute of Oceanography)



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