Phase A

The Sea surface KInematics Multiscale monitoring (SKIM) mission is an Earth observation satellite mission proposal that was pre-selected by the European Space Agency as a candidate for the Earth Explorer 9 opportunity slot. After an intense but successful Phase A, which consisted of detailed studies to verify its feasibility both technically and scientifically, the SKIM mission missed this opportunity in benefit of its competitor candidate FORUM, a mission aiming at measuring the far-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum from space.

SKIM scientific objective is to map the ocean surface currents, waves and ice drift over most of the globe. Ocean surface currents are observed by means of direct Doppler measurements of the sea surface velocity.

isardSAT has contributed to the feasibility studies of the mission with radar processing assessment and system performance analysis as a member of the consortium led by Airbus.


Airbus, isardSAT, Thales Alenia Space




satellites, ocean, instrumental calibration