SMOS NG Requirements

Review of L-band data applications

After the first set of L-band missions (SMOS, Aquarius, SMAP…), new applications and science topics emerged for both operational and science users. In this context, this project defined the requirements for future low frequency passive microwave observation systems (specifically L-band) based on end-user requirements, both operational and science teams, and to specify their needs in terms of information requirements and geophysical data products.

isardSAT led the review of applications using L-band data. This list reported for each product: accuracy in physical units, temporal and spatial resolution requirements, application readiness level, scientist readiness level, and L-band uniqueness.


CESBIO, ECMWF, DEIMOS, RDA, Airbus, isardSAT, NSO, Tor Vegata University, INRA, The Inversion Lab, L’Ocean, IFAC, Swiss Federal Institute WSL, Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI, Hamburg University, Grenoble University, Universitat de València




satellites, hydrology, soil moisture, ocean, snow / ice, radiometry